Apple iPod Repairs


Apple iPod Repairs

Busted iPod? We’re the guys that make it all brand new again.

From your precious 1st gen iPod that needs a service, to the later iPod Touch, our experienced technicians can have your iPod banging out your favourite tunes in all its glory and looking as good as ever, in no time at all.

Taking your iPod to an Apple store may have been easy in the past, especially if it was still under warranty. These days, the popularity of Apple stores means you may not be able to get your iPod repaired within a quick timeframe. Our professionally trained team can look at your iPod and diagnose whatever problem it’s having and get to work on it ASAP. Most of the devices we work on will be back in the owner’s hands within a few days.

To help you determine whether or not you need your iPod assessed by an iPD Service Centre technician, review the list of common iPod faults below:

  • Headphone jack connectivity issues
  • Hold switch errors  
  • Device reset issues
  • Faulty hard drive
  • Click wheel and button problems
  • Battery power loss
  • Cracked or unresponsive screen

Get in touch with our service centre in Sydney for Apple iPod repairs today. For pricing or a quote click here or call our Chatswood store on 02 9412 4368.

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