Sony PSP Repairs

PSP Repairs

pspPSP need a little tinkering under the hood?

Whether it’s a new screen to replace a cracked or faulty display, new casing to go over a scratched and chipped PSP, or a more technical repair to solve any issues with the circuitry or battery life, iPD Service Centre are on hand to help.

Common faults that can occur with an older PSP are usually to do with the Universal Media Disc (UMD). This is what reads your games and stores vital data in order to play them. When it is scratched or damaged, your PSP will have trouble reading a game or will fail to recognise that there’s one at all. A faulty UMD is something the iPD Service Centre can repair with no troubles at all.

Problems with newer units are smashed display units and logic board issues which can prevent your PSP from working. Other simpler repairs are replacing the power switch, backlight or the analogue stick and buttons, which are prone to wear and tear.

To get your PSP up and running, contact iPD Service Centre in Chatswood, Sydney on 02 9412 4368.

If you know exactly what needs to be fixed, save a bit of time and give us an indication of what kind of service you require by filling out an enquiry via the link below.

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