MicroSoldering and Board Repair

Micro Soldering and Board Repair

Component Level MicroSoldering RepairsMicro Soldering

Logic boards in today’s most popular devices are covered in thousands of tiny microscopic parts. These parts are easily damaged by liquid or just fail with age and burn out. Most repair centre’s will quote you to replace the entire logic board however at iPD Service Centre we will replace the burned out or failed components with new ones.

Utilising top or the range micro soldering equipment we can also offer data recovery on mobile phone, tablet and MacBook logic boards.

Micro Soldering services we can offer include:

  • Backlight Repair
  • Data Recovery
  • Connector Damage
  • Charge Port Replacement
  • PS4 Board Repair
  • Macbook Liquid Damage
  • No Image
  • IC Reballing and more!

To have your device looked at by an iPD Service Centre technician in Sydney, please call 02 9412 4368 or enquire here today to discuss the repair options available.

Please see our Facebook page below for an example of past micro soldering work.